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Oregon State University, Forest Engineering Department

Synthetic Rope Research in Logging

Grant contact information

Dr. John Garland

Dr. John Sessions

Dr. Steve Pilkerton

210A Snell Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-5706

This completed project is the culmination of three projects:

  1. Plans to test the feasibility of using synthetic rope as a replacement for some wire rope applications in logging.
  2. Provide operational testing of synthetic rope used in static lines for logging to assess the wear and damage associated with using these ropes.
  3. Research and develop suitable end connectors for synthetic rope.

Completed project materials

Final Report

Applications of synthetic rope for improved ergonomic, economic, and environmental performance in mountainous logging

Comparison of ergonomic performance for a Skidder operator using steel wire and synthetic rope winch line

Evaluation of synthetic rope for static rigging applications in cable logging

Eyesplicing 12 strand braided synthetic rope

Field testing of synthetic rope in logging applications to reduce workloads

Investigation of synthetic rope end connections and terminations in timber harvesting applications

Applications for synthetic rope in logging

Loggers World article 2002 - March

Loggers World article 2003 - July

Loggers World article 2003 - September

Loggers World article 2004 - July

Prospects for using synthetic rope in logging: first look and future research

Rigging and operations guide: Use of synthetic ropes as alternatives to steel wire ropes in logging applications

Running lines and end connectors for synthetic rope to reduce logging workloads

Synthetic rope properties and end connector concepts for use in timber harvesting applications

Synthetic rope to replace wire rope in mountain logging operations

Synthetic rope use in logging winching applications

Synthetic rope used in logging: some potentials

Using synthetic rope in forest operations: end connector concepts


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Guyline tightening device
Guyline tightening device

Skidding logs with synthetic rope
Skidding logs with synthetic rope

>Attaching support line to tree 
Attaching support line to tree

Lab testing of elongation under load 
Lab testing of elongation under load

Epoxy fitting after failure 
Epoxy fitting after failure

Cable yarding with steel rope 
Cable yarding with steel rope