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Health and Safety Resource

The Oregon OSHA Health and Safety Resource is a newsletter about occupational safety and health.


December 2022 Newsletter

  • Everything you need to know about Oregon OSHA's lighting rules
  • Get tips on staying safe amid winter darkness
  • Learn to protect against the hazards of carbon monoxide
  • Review the top job safety and health violations of 2021
  • Contest promoting young worker safety in Oregon is open to high school students
  • Oregon OSHA's Micah Ashby: Forever a Hero Scholarship winner
  • Incident Alert! Recycled rubber products manufacturer pinch point

October 2022 Newsletter

  • Heads up: Oregon OSHA’s general industry welding rules have changed
  • Trigger requirements: What are they and what Oregon OSHA’s rules have them?
  • National Association of Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Programs (OSHCON) creates memorial “Roy Kroker Award of Excellence”
  • Oregon Farm Bureau Health and Safety Committee, Oregon OSHA to provide in-person pesticide training Dec. 6
  • Oregon OSHA announces Workers’ Memorial Scholarship awards to boost student achievement
  • Incident Alert! Energized overhead power lines
  • Going the Distance: Cardinal Glass Industries Inc.

July 2022 Newsletter

  • What you need to know about Oregon OSHA rules that have taken effect – or soon will
  • Ask Oregon OSHA: Is the “apparent temperature” the same as the temperature indicated on a thermometer?
  • Employers, workers across Oregon gather to celebrate Safety Break
  • Incident Alert! Unsecured underground piping connection
  • Going the Distance: City of Keizer

May 2022 Newsletter

  • Combustible dust: An accident waiting to happen
  • Oregon employers, workers invited to take a ‘Safety Break’
  • Ceremony honors fallen Oregon workers
  • Oregon OSHA has launched a free Spanish online course on silica safety
  • Incident Alert! The excavator operator did not turn off the excavator’s engine when he got out of the cab
  • Going the Distance: Adroit Construction Co. Inc.

February 2022 Newsletter

  • Addressing the hazards of a poisonous gas: carbon monoxide
  • How does Oregon OSHA determine penalties?
  • New updates included in “It’s the Law!” poster
  • Don’t forget: It’s time to post your OSHA 300A Summary and submit your 300A data to federal OSHA
  • Incident Alert! An employee was under a tow truck when it moved forward and he was caught under its rear wheels
  • Going the Distance: Owens Corning Foam Insulation – Gresham

October 2021 Newsletter

  • Confined spaces and permit spaces – not just empty places
  • Oregon OSHA proposes rule updates to maintain protections for workers against COVID-19
  • New rules adopted to protect workers from overexposure to manganese
  • Interim leaders selected as Oregon OSHA administrator leaves for Washington
  • Incident Alert! A worker was asphyxiated after entering a 30,000-gallon wine tank

July 2021 Newsletter

  • What you should know about trench cave-ins
  • Using fuel-powered tools in excavations and other enclosed spaces – tips for protecting your employees
  • Answers to questions about changes to Oregon OSHA’s COVID-19 rules
  • Oregon OSHA adopts temporary heat stress prevention rule
  • Smoke, face masks, and rhabdomylosis

February 2021 Newsletter

  • Reduce the workplace risks of COVID-19 by understanding Oregon OSHA’s temporary rule
  • Administrator’s message: Challenging times bring out the best … in many of us
  • Was it really an accident? You will need to investigate
  • Online safety guide for cannabis industry is now available
  • Winter brings an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning at home and work
  • Oregon OSHA to receive Hard Hat Safety Award on March 11

October 2020 Newsletter

  • How does Oregon OSHA adopt a rule?
  • Administrator’s message: New problems bring new partners in search for balance
  • Learn how to prevent automotive repair shop hazards and avoid a citation
  • VPP insight: Best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What you should know about work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Protecting construction workers from falling objects – key requirements

April 2020 Newsletter

  • Preventing fall hazards: What you should know about construction falls
  • Administrator’s message: On the value of workplace safety, health experts in the battle against COVID-19
  • Video version of Workers Memorial ceremony planned
  • Keeping your Distance: Resources in the time of coronavirus

February 2020 Newsletter

  • Workplace violence: Prevention is paramount
  • Updated violence prevention guide offers more help
  • Administrator’s Message: Oregon OSHA moves forward in addressing question of “reasonable diligence”
  • Incident Alert!: A foreman did not take an injured worker to the nearest medical facility as required by the employer’s safety plan
  • Going the Distance: Meet Patrick Cowan, sales manager, and Adam Wasniewski, quality and safety manager, for Timber Products Company – Spectrum Division

December 2019 Newsletter

  • FSOil grows a model safety culture
  • Removing snow from roofs - safely
  • Administrator’s Message: Planning our future: “Action 2025 Agenda”
  • Safety Notes: A 30-year-old farmhand was burned over 70 percent of his body when his drip torch exploded while he was creating a fire line
  • Going the Distance: Elizabeth Kokos, senior wind technician for PGE's Biglow Canyon wind farm, discusses the facility's journey through Oregon OSHA's Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP)

October 2019 Newsletter

  • Addressing the dangers of carbon monoxide
  • Protecting your hearing from loud noise
  • Administrator’s message: Reaching the most vulnerable workers
  • Safety Notes: A 23-year-old worker died after he became trapped in an unguarded machine
  • Going the Distance: Meet Ross Olson, health, safety, and environmental coordinator for Linde Gas North America LLC

August 2019 Newsletter

  • Finding the path to continuous improvement through an effective safety and health program
  • Use free resources to help develop a strong safety and health program
  • Administrator’s message: Continued success requires creativity and an understanding of the fundamentals
  • Safety Notes: Dairy farm wastewater operator suffers chemical burn
  • Going the Distance: Meet Woodfold Manufacturing, a custom-crafted accordion and roll-door manufacturer in Forest Grove

June 2019 Newsletter 

  • What you need to know about trench cave-ins
  • Heat stress prevention tips
  • Administrator’s message: Finding new approaches to protect our most vulnerable
  • Safety Notes: Farm laborer's hand amputated by machine
  • Going the Distance: Meet Taylor Northwest, a safety award-winning construction firm in Bend

April 2019 Newsletter 

  • Snap your safety committee to attention
  • Construction Corner: Seven ways to prevent falls at your site
  • Administrator’s message: We must do better – we owe it to those we’ve lost
  • Safety Notes: Mechanic crushed by heavy equipment
  • Going the Distance: Meet Scott Knutz, environmental, safety, and health supervisor for Les Schwab Tires Inc.

February 2019 Newsletter 

  • We’ve had an accident. Do I need to report it to Oregon OSHA?
  • Five recordkeeping requirements that you might have overlooked
  • Administrator’s message: Learning from the experience of others a key to boosting workplace safety
  • Safety Notes: Too-small glove leads to severe infection
  • Going the Distance: Meet Pete Kimbrel, safety, wellness, and environmental manager at Orenco Systems Inc.

December 2018 Newsletter 

  • Knowledge and understanding: Why hazard communication matters
  • Construction Corner: What you should know about safety monitoring for roofing work
  • Administrator’s message: 2019 will bring challenges, opportunities
  • Safety Notes: Food service worker suffers severe burns while cleaning exhaust hood
  • Going the Distance: Meet Julie Stout, environmental, health, and safety manager at Georgia-Pacific, Philomath

October 2018 Newsletter 

  • Train your employees to work safely: It’s important. It’s required.
  • Employers, workers encouraged to use online training courses
  • Administrator’s message: Training is important, but it is rarely the complete solution
  • Safety Notes: Failure to follow lockout/tagout procedures leads to finger amputation
  • Going the Distance: Meet Dennis Winn and Jay Schindler of Klamath Energy LLC

August 2018 Newsletter 

  • Protecting forklift operators: Seatbelts are a matter of life and death
  • Tracking workplace injuries in Oregon K-12 schools
  • Administrator's Message: Celebrating the “Best of the Best” with the Voluntary Protection Program
  • Safety Notes: One worker killed, another injured in construction zone vehicle accident
  • Going the Distance: Meet Jim Johnson, CEO and owner of D2000 Safety

June 2018 Newsletter 

  • Dealing with dust: A guide to Oregon OSHA's new silica rules
  • Heat stress prevention
  • Administrator's Message: Pesticide rulemaking highlights challenges, strengths of Oregon's approach to rulemaking
  • Safety Notes: Improper lockout/tagout procedures lead to partial amputation
  • Going the Distance: Meet Ray Illingsworth, safety coordinator at Marvin Wood Products

April 2018 Newsletter

  • Suterra grows its commitment to safety
  • Is it an accident or an incident?
  • Administrator's Message: Workers Memorial Day is about stories, not statistics
  • Safety Notes: Mechanic injures hand during maintenance
  • Going the Distance: Meet Lena Houston-Davisson, MPT, physical therapist at Cascade Health

February 2018 Newsletter

  • A new look at Oregon OSHA's top violations for 2017
  • New Oregon OSHA rules effective this year
  • Administrator's Message: In workplace health and safety, sure and steady wins the race
  • Safety Notes: Veterinary and behavioral care for pets
  • Going the Distance: Meet Cliff Butler of Sherwin-Williams, Purdy

December 2017 Newsletter

  • Chilled to the bone: What you should know about cold stress
  • Getting traction on winter
  • Administrator's Message: Reflecting on the close of 2017
  • Safety Notes: Tree trimmer falls during timed rescue exercise
  • Going the Distance: Meet Brian Silbernagel of Morrow Equipment Company

October 2017 Newsletter

  • Call before you dig: Addressing the hazards of underground utilities
  • New walking-working surfaces rules effective Nov. 1
  • Administrator's Message: Workers' compensation premiums show measure of success
  • Safety Notes: Finger amputation
  • Going the Distance: Meet Kaci Buhl, coordinator of the Statewide Pesticide Safety Education Program

August 2017 Newsletter

  • Getting unleaded: The dangers of lead
  • Oregon SHARP Alliance: Sharing best practices
  • Administrator's Message: The true value of VPP is the example we set
  • Safety Notes: Metal pole falls on power lines
  • Going the Distance: Meet Gary Boswell, senior safety consultant at PGE

June 2017 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Safety is no accident: The journey of Diamond Fruit Growers
  • Highlights of Oregon farming accidents in 2016
  • Administrator's Message: Safety discussions must grapple with loss of experience, expertise
  • Going the Distance: Bea Berry, president, CEO, and founder of Wellness 2000, Inc.

April 2017 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • The evolution of safer workplaces
  • Develop and implement: A guide to Oregon OSHA's program-related rules
  • Administrator's Message: We must not turn away from death in the workplace - the reality is too important
  • Safety Notes: A worker was thrown from the basket of a boom lift
  • Going the Distance: The City of Bend Fire Department

February 2017 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • GOSH Conference: Why is the Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Conference important?
  • GOSH: How Oregon's governors shaped its history
  • Administrator's Message: Change and stability as we enter 2017
  • Safety Notes: A sander operator was crushed by heavy sheeting falling off a forklift
  • Going the Distance: Meet safety director/safety consultant, Andy Collins

December 2016 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Heads up - Fall protection requirements for construction are about to change
  • You feel unsafe at work - now what do you do?
  • Administrator's Message: Workplace protection begins with the recognition that the unlikely will happen
  • Safety Notes: A painter fell eight feet to concrete while on the roof of a two-story house
  • Going the Distance: Meet Craig Hamelund, Oregon OSHA's safety training specialist

October 2016 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • The hazards of logging - No worksite is safe
  • Stay safe in the woods: 10 rules to remember
  • Administrator's Message: Workers' Comp Premiums Illustrate Continued Success
  • Safety Notes: A glass handler was cut by a large sheet of glass
  • Going the Distance: Meet the Environmental, Health, and Safety principal consultant for BSI EHS Services and Solutions

August 2016 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Heat stress dangers are real: Identifying the risks is key
  • Administrator's Message: Federal Decisions and Oregon Tailoring
  • Use them, but don't lose them: How to prevent amputations at work
  • Award Nomination Deadline Approaching for GOSH
  • Going the Distance: Meet the Environmental, Health and Safety Director for Snyder

June 2016 Newsletter

  • A long and winding road: Injured workers and safe workplaces
  • Administrator's Message: Trenches kill. We know they kill. And yet...
  • Safety Notes: A roofer slipped and fell 12 1/2 feet from the eave of a sloped roof
  • Preferred Worker Program - Making the most of a bad situation
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety and health director for Anderson Construction

April 2016 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Deschutes Brewery - Doing the right thing
  • Administrator's Message: The message remains. The work is important, and we can do better!
  • To encourage and assist: The surprising history of the voluntary approach to safety and health in Oregon
  • Safety Notes: Four carpenters injured when temporary framework supporting trusses collapsed
  • Going the Distance: Meet the health and safety manager for Portland Parks and Recreation

February 2016 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Motor vehicle safety - Building an effective driver safety program
  • Administrator's Message: Workplace health and safety in 2016
  • Safety Notes: A tractor operator not wearing a seatbelt was severely injured when his ROPS-equipped tractor rolled over
  • Behind the wheel in Oregon: What you should know about crashes, accidents, and the Haddon Matrix
  • Going the Distance: Meet the Loss Control Manager for SAIF Corporation

December 2015 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Total Worker Health: Wellness programs that keep workers safe.
  • Administrator's Message: Oregon OSHA expects 2016 to be an ambitious year.
  • Safety Notes: Sanitation worker loses four fingers removing potatoes from a cutting machine.
  • Live long and prosper: the new case for productive aging.
  • Going the Distance: Meet the Environmental Health and Safety Manager for Skanska USA Inc.

October 2015 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Blissful ignorance: It's not the way to deal with hazardous energy
  • Administrator's Message: The continuing challenge of fatalities
  • Safety Notes: Millwright crushed by wood press
  • Understanding the three critical components of an energy control program
  • Going the Distance: Meet the corporate safety director of Arctic Sheet Metal

August 2015 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Safe lifting: A small hospital builds a model program
  • Administrator's message: Those who care for us deserve protection
  • Hit, kicked, beaten, and shoved - Violence in the Oregon healthcare industry
  • Safety Notes: A production worker was struck by a 50-pound fiberglass tank that blew out of its mold
  • Meet the ergonomist and safe patient handling expert at HumanFit, LLC

June 2015 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Safety in the zone: How a tragedy changed a workplace
  • Administrator's message: The key to our success
  • Tips for preventing back-over accidents
  • Safety Notes: An experienced flagger is struck in the head
  • Meet the safety manager at Fortis Construction, Inc.

April 2015 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Safety connection: An expert shares strategies for successful communication
  • Administrator's message: A reminder of why we do what we do
  • Safety Notes: An exhibit builder is injured operating a table saw
  • GOSH 2015 highlights
  • Oregon OSHA consultants share success stories

February 2015 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Disguised danger: Construction company puts new confined space rule into practice
  • Administrator's message: The challenge of outdated exposure limits
  • A quick guide to Oregon OSHA's confined space rule
  • Safety Notes: A laborer is caught in a mixing machine
  • Meet the general manager of Cascade Shoring, LLC

December 2014 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Below the PEL: Portland company exceeds requirements for chemical exposures
  • Administrator's message: Positive signs in safety recognition programs
  • PELs demystified
  • Safety Notes: Worker falls from an aerial lift bucket
  • Meet the industrial hygiene manager at SAIF Corporation

October 2014 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Temporary employees, permanent safety - Staffing agency promotes safety responsibility
  • The challenge of temporary work
  • Administrator's message: Change, workplace safety, and interesting times
  • Safety Notes: Worker fatally injured when struck by a 700-pound door
  • Meet the safety and human resources director for Selectemp Employment Services

August 2014 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Shock wise: Handling electricity with care
  • Administrator's message: 'Temporary' workers have permanent lives
  • Safety Notes: A mobile scaffold tips over injuring two construction workers
  • Ask Technical: What type of air-monitoring meter should we use?
  • Going the Distance: Meet the Portland safety director at the National Electrical Contractors Association

June 2014 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Dangerous dust: Painting contractor invests in lead safety program to prevent exposures
  • Administrator's message: The state OSHA plan - effective if used
  • Protecting remodelers from lead exposure
  • Safety Notes: A worker is killed after an aerial lift tips over
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety manager at S.D. Deacon Construction

April 2014 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Forklift dangers - Warehouse focuses on positive safety behavior
  • Administrator's message: A sobering reality - Death on the job
  • Forklift training and experience: Is practical experience safe enough?
  • Safety Notes: A worker is struck by a forklift rolling backwards
  • Sandy Fire District's training manager shares his philosophy, experience

February 2014 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Oregon OSHA's top 10 violations of 2013.
  • Administrator's message: Collecting the penalties we cite.
  • How a top 10 violations list can improve your safety program.
  • Safety Notes: An employee is struck by a vehicle while guiding it backwards toward a rental trailer.
  • Going the Distance: Meet Michael Hill of Timber Products Company.

December 2013 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Christmas harvest blitz - Corvallis tree farm manages seasonal safety
  • O Tannenbaum - holiday hazards
  • Safety Notes: A bartender is burned when alcohol mixes with nearby candles
  • Administrator's message: Revisiting the hierarchy of controls
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety coordinator at Key Knife

October 2013 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Surviving a workplace burn
  • Administrator's message: Using all our tools
  • Safety Notes: A worker is cut by a piece of large glass
  • News Briefs: Oregon OSHA cites construction company $70,000 for willful fall violation
  • Going the Distance: Meet Oregon OSHA's lab manager

August 2013 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Making ladder safety a priority rung-by-rung
  • Administrator's message: Ladder safety: it isn't always about training
  • Ladder violations and injuries
  • Safety Notes: A restaurant worker is burned by hot oil
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety manager at an HVAC company

June 2013 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Chemical complexity: High-tech manufacturer involves employees to manage exposures
  • What you should know about the globally harmonized hazard communication standard
  • Administrator's message: Hazard communication and the right to know
  • Safety Notes: A worker is caught in a machine while inspecting it
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety and health coordinator at Huntair

April 2013 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Newberg winery makes safety a priority
  • Administrator's message: O[yes] - a partnership for the future
  • Using pesticides - 10 ways to stay out of trouble
  • Oregon announces 2012 workplace deaths
  • Going the Distance: Meet the owner of Red's Mountain Blueberries

February 2013 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Preparing for the worst. Is your business ready?
  • Emergency plans - does your workplace need them?
  • Administrator's message: Stretching our perspective and challenging our assumptions.
  • Safety Notes: A worker is caught in a six-foot-deep excavation while repairing a leaking water main.
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety manager at NW Natural.

December 2012 Newsletter | Mobile version

  • Making sense of tragedy, an Oregon OSHA investigator's mission
  • A problem with accident investigations.
  • Administrator's message: Learning from failure is expensive, but not doing so costs even more.
  • Safety notes: An ambulance service technician checking an oxygen cylinder is the victim of an explosion.
  • Going the Distance: Meet the Ombudsman for Injured Workers.

October 2012

  • Safety achievement - a continuous journey
  • Small business and obstacles to workplace safety
  • Administrator's Message
  • News Briefs: Oregon OSHA partners with Mexican Consulate during Labor Rights Week
  • Going the Distance: Meet the environmental and safety manager of Covanta Marion, Inc.

August 2012

  • Cover Story: Milwaukie glass supplier creates accident-free culture
  • Administrator's Message: Working together produces better results
  • Managing a small business and managing safety
  • Safety Notes: A garbage truck driver's arm was caught by the truck's compactor blade
  • Going the Distance: Meet the owner of Loving Care Providers

June 2012

  • Cover Story: Enchanted opportunities
  • Administrator's Message: Incentives - be careful what you ask for
  • Protecting young workers after the Great Recession
  • Safety Notes: Young workers are exposed to poisonous chemicals while working on a Christmas tree farm
  • Going the Distance: Meet an accident victim who is using his story to educate others

April 2012

  • Cover story: Excavation safety
  • Administrator's Message: Measuring success - a challenging proposition
  • Safety Notes: A worker's hand is caught in a milling machine
  • News Briefs: Finalists in the student video contest are named
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety manager at Eugene's Water & Electric Board

February 2012

  • Cover story: Asbestos making a comeback?
  • Administrator's Message: Understanding workplace chemical hazards
  • Safety Notes: A worker falls 25 feet through an unguarded skylight
  • Share feedback on our new design
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety manager at Walsh Construction

December 2011

  • Cover story: Supervisor responsibilities
  • Administrator's Message: Trying to understand indifference to real risks
  • Safety Notes: A worker is knocked out by an exploding tire
  • Oregon OSHA wins Spotlight Award
  • Going the Distance: Meet an occupational safety and health educator

October 2011

  • Cover story: Training program enhances safety culture
  • Administrator's Message: Playing games with statistics - and cell phones
  • Safety Notes: Worker is severely burned when a drum explodes
  • FDA issues warning letter to maker of Brazilian Blowout
  • Going the Distance: Meet the health and safety manager at Bend Research

August 2011

  • Cover story: Riding for Safety - Orchard develops program for ATV safety
  • Administrator's Message: Taking a firmer line against construction falls
  • Safety Notes: A worker is killed in an ATV accident
  • Tips for working safely in the heat
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety manager at Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation

June 2011

  • Cover story: Preventing violence in the workplace
  • Administrator's Message: Making sense of the hierarchy of controls
  • Safety Notes: A construction worker strikes a power line
  • Photo recaps - Safety Break and Workers Memorial Day
  • Going the Distance: Meet the director of a care facility focused on safe patient handling

April 2011

  • Cover story: Ammonia hazards
  • Administrator's Message: Maybe the impossible really is possible
  • Safety Notes: A van crash results in the death of a worker, injures others
  • Photos and recap on the 2011 Oregon GOSH Conference
  • Going the Distance: Meet a construction manager in southern Oregon

February 2011

  • Cover story: Crane oversight - New rules raise bar for employers
  • Administrator's Message: Is it really true that "Sure and steady gets it done"?
  • Safety Notes: Workers avoid an accident during a beach sand excavation
  • New wheel of hazards engages OSHA booth visitors
  • Going the Distance: Meet a SAIF consultant who enjoys mentoring others

December 2010

  • Cover story: Preserving safety in a tight economy
  • Administrator's Message: Keeping faith and keeping focus
  • Safety Notes: A rigger is crushed by a falling load
  • New toolkit for small employers now available
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety officer at an Oregon nursery

October 2010

  • Cover story: Serving up Safety (restaurant focus)
  • Administrator's Message: Assumptions can be dangerous things
  • Safety Notes: A worker caught in machinery suffers an amputation
  • Safety values shared at Central Conference
  • Going the Distance: Meet the safety manager at a popular Oregon brewery

August 2010

  • Cover story: Communicating across cultures
  • Administrator's Message: Preventing fatalities requires focus
  • Beware of OSHA-related scams
  • Safety Notes: A ladder fall severely injures a worker
  • Going the Distance: Meet a safety expert in the agriculture field

June 2010

  • What to expect from an Oregon OSHA inspection
  • Oregon OSHA's most-cited rules
  • Administrator's message: Oregon OSHA programs feel impact of tight economy
  • News Briefs
  • Going the distance: Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional - Jennifer Olson-Morzenti

April 2010

  • Great Heights: Roofing company elevates safety.
  • Eliminating fall hazards.
  • Administrator's message: What makes Oregon OSHA unique?
  • Oregon's workplace deaths continued to decline over past decade.
  • Going the distance: Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional - Gordy Webster

February 2010

  • Machinery Might: Metal worker loses finger after accident
  • How amputations happen
  • Administrator's message: Oregon OSHA will cite what we find
  • News Briefs
  • Going the distance. Meet a leading Oregon safety and health professional - Steve Gass

December 2009

  • Invisible threat: Understanding the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Administrator's message: Comparing penalty strategies
  • Safety Notes: Electrical shock/burn
  • News Briefs: Construction Advisory Committee tackles compressed air hazard
  • Going the distance. Meet a leading Oregon safety and health professional - Rebecca Rogie

October 2009

  • Real life safety committees. Who they are, how they work
  • Safety committees for small construction businesses
  • Ask Technical
  • Safety Notes
  • Going the distance: Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional - Tara O'Keeffe

August 2009

  • A fine danger - controlling silica dust
  • Administrator's message: The limits of injury and illness rates
  • Safety Notes
  • Workers' Memorial Scholarship Awards
  • Going the distance. Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional - Chris Raykovich

June 2009

  • Taking it to the people: A history of workplace safety in Oregon
  • Administrator's message: Standing on the shoulders of giants, known and unknown
  • 1951 - The deadliest year
  • Lifelong loggers reflect on safety in the woods
  • Oregon OSHA retrospective: Darrel Douglas; Dianne Mekkers

April 2009

  • Family's grief lingers five years after worker's death
  • 2008 fatality report
  • Safety Notes
  • Oregon GOSH Awards photos
  • Going the distance. Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional - Shelley Nasby

February 2009

  • Saving your back. The value of ergonomic solutions
  • Administrator's message: A good investment during tough times
  • Safety Notes
  • Oregon OSHA's latest innovation: user-centered publications
  • Going the distance. Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional - Jeremy Lawson

December 2008

  • Developing a defense against Mother Nature
  • Administrator's message: Is the glass half full - or half empty?
  • High school students encouraged to enter safety video contest
  • Safety Notes
  • Going the distance. Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional - Fred Berman DVM, PhD

October 2008

  • Two young women honored with Workers' Memorial Scholarships
  • Administrator's message: Cultivating Safety and Health Leadership
  • Safety Notes
  • News Briefs
  • Oregon OSHA forms alliance with Oregon Restaurant Association

August 2008

  • 2009 GOSH Conference announces call for award nominations
  • Administrator's message: Making sense of the hierarchy of controls
  • Giants of the sky: Exploring crane safety
  • Safety Notes
  • Going the distance. Meet a leading Oregon safety professional - Ron Richardson

June 2008

  • Oregon construction deaths increase in 2007
  • Dangerous reliance on "common sense"
  • News briefs
  • Scam alert: OSHA Posters
  • Resource goes exclusively online - sign up for email notification

Winter 2007

  • Oregon employers to report fatal vehicle accidents and heart attacks
  • The key elements in pursuing worker safety
  • GOSH Conference 2007 is fast approaching
  • NexCon: Shaping the future of construction safety
  • Oregon workers' compensations rates

Fall 2006

  • Oregon OSHA provides consultation services to help employers
  • Willamette Landscape Services is first SHARP landscaping firm
  • Safety and health leadership: moving forward at GOSH 2007
  • New report examines Oregon workplace deaths in 2004
  • Portland Building and City Hall install AEDs to improve safety

Summer 2006

  • Oregon workplace fatalities hit new record low in 2005
  • Construction in downtown Bend: OR-OSHA is there
  • GE Security joins VPP safety recognition program
  • Portland hosts 2nd HealthCare Ergonomics Conference
  • Oregon OSHA joins Portland for Safety Awareness Day

Winter 2006

  • Oregon OSHA welcomes new administrator Michael Wood
  • Oregon OSHA tests disaster response skills
  • New law changes inspection notification requirements
  • SHARP is about constant improvement
  • Oregon's Workers' Compensation news

Summer 2005

  • Oregon OSHA receives Final State Plan approval from U.S. Department of Labor
  • Workplace injuries continue to decline in Oregon
  • GOSH News
  • OTHER VOICES: Electrical shock prevention near water
  • Oregon OSHA 2004 Report to Stakeholders

Winter/Spring 2005

  • Terrorism Task Force
  • VPP Awards
  • Changes to the OSHA 300 form
  • Localización de Riesgos
  • Hazard Identification

First Quarter, 2005

  • Safe lift techniques
  • New safety videos aim to keep health care workers healthy
  • Oregon OSHA issues safety advisory on metal halide lamps
  • Two VPP "Star" milestones celebrated
  • Skanska recognized for safety at Bend and Redmond hospital projects

November 2004

  • Holding the line on workers' comp rates
  • Bend aircraft manufacturer revs up its safety-and-health program
  • Oregon OSHA and Portland General Electric collaborate for worker safety
  • Oregon OSHA introduces class to improve vehicle safety at work
  • A safety video could save your life

August 2004

  • Health care Ergonomics
  • Safe Jobs, Smart Business
  • Consultation services from Oregon OSHA helps employers
  • Forklifts are everywhere
  • The Danger you can't see: Carbon Monoxide exposure from propane forklifts

May 2004

  • Eugene employer marks eighteen years without a lost-time injury
  • What does 'self-sufficiency' look like?
  • Marvin Wood Products is the latest addition to Oregon's Voluntary Protection Program
  • Oregon OSHA 2003 Report to Stakeholders
  • The Bad Hair Day

October 2003

  • Keeping firefighters safe
  • Answering the "Mayday" call
  • From dull to SHARP
  • Safety Notes
  • Spanish "Excavaciones" & English "Excavations"

Summer 2003

  • On guard: A history of point-of-operation safeguarding
  • English "scaffolds" and Spanish "Andamios"
  • If it's silica - it's not just dust
  • Focus on agriculture
  • Don't sell yourself short

March, April, May 2003

  • Division One changes take effect in January
  • Training and education grants available
  • Updated publications now available from Oregon OSHA
  • New training courses for small business
  • Profiles: Tom Paris

December 2002

  • New ergo resources available
  • Prepare for workplace emergencies
  • Profile: Dianna Gray
  • Safety Notes: Indoor Air Quality Q & A's
  • Cold Stress: Spanish & English

September, October, November 2002

  • Get Ready for GOSH 2003
  • Oregon companies believe in staying SHARP
  • An advisory for small-business owners
  • Ladder Safety (Spanish/English)
  • Oregon OSHA enforces safe living standards for agricultural labor housing

June, July, August 2002

  • Work-related deaths in Oregon at record low
  • Innovative safety committees for workplaces with 10 or fewer employees
  • DPR Construction receives VPP Merit Award from Oregon OSHA
  • Fall Protection (Spanish & English)
  • You've got eyestrain!

 March, April, May 2002

  • OR-OSHA Sends Relief to New York
  • STEP up to SHARP: Oregon employers receive SHARP recognition
  • A shocking experience that could save your life
  • Safety and Health for all workers in Oregon
  • Newest safety summit serves Central Oregon builders

December 2001

  • New bloodborne-pathogen standard adopted
  • Small Businesses: Download manual for safety-program help
  • Oregon SHARP Alliance helps new employers
  • Profile: Paul Frith
  • Voluntary Protection Program undergoes changes

September, October, November 2001

  • Georgia-Pacific Pulp and Paper Mill recognized for safety achievement
  • Put safety first on the farm
  • Your hearing: Use it, don't lose it!
  • Work zone safety tips
  • I know a shortcut!

June, July, August 2001

  • Why have a workplace safety & health program?
  • Safety and Small Business Employer 2001 Schedule
  • Oregon employers and employees receive safety awards
  • Safety at Work: Things young workers should know
  • Everything I Ever Needed to Know, I learned in Aisle Nine

March, April May 2001

  • Bechtel's Airport MAX project earns STAR award
  • Construction noise
  • Musculoskeletal injuries riddle health-care workforce
  • Students learn how to recognize hazards in mills
  • Law changes regarding hazardous substance reporting

December 2000

  • New and changing Oregon OSHA rules
  • Oregon SHARP Alliance seeks new board members
  • Profile - Chuck McFarland
  • OR-OSHA sets goals for 2001
  • A victory worth winning

September, October, November 2000

  • Permit-required confined spaces: They're not designed to be occupied!
  • Oregon OSHA, safety engineers seek award nominees
  • Pulp & Paper Worker Conference moves
  • Workers' Memorial Scholarships awarded
  • Two little words spell DANGER!

June, July, August 2000

  • Redesign a worksite to protect a valuable resource - workers
  • Bloodborne pathogens standards policy updated
  • How well would you measure up?
  • The heat equation
  • Small business finds a resource in Oregon OSHA

March, April, May 2000

  • Portland Airport MAX project - Oregon's newest VPP site
  • AWPPW Awards
  • Conferences
  • Safety Notes
  • SHARP Employees Recognized

December 1999

  • New, temporary, and changing Oregon OSHA rules
  • Worksite redesign grants benefit Oregon industries
  • Is your workplace prepared for fire hazards?
  • The clock is ticking!
  • The eyes have. . . (had) it!

September, October, November 1999

  • Spirit Communications' founder rallies new association members
  • Permit-required confined space standard amended
  • A good PPE program reduces injuries
  • Do you have questions about crane operator training?
  • Court decision ends old legal dispute

June, July, August 1999

  • Please . . . be careful out there
  • Safety Notes
  • Is your farm labor camp registered?
  • Stopped before they started

Spring 1999

  • Scaffolding roundtable
  • What can go wrong?
  • Worksite redesign project
  • Got a problem? Maybe we can help
  • Understanding saves the soup!

Fall 1998

  • Congratulations on a long and successful partnership
  • Are you ready for the year 2000?
  • Eye hazards in the workplace
  • Oregon OSHA's new agriculture standard
  • Shared resources help us all

Summer 1998

  • Respiratory protection standard changed
  • Accident alert
  • Information for YOU-2-Know
  • Publication Spotlight: Fall Protection
  • Safety Notes: Rock company, Food processing, Food catering, Farming

Spring 1998

  • Hazardous energy lockout/tagout, and the working person
  • New respiratory protection standard
  • Safety notes: Scrap metal recycling, Marine cargo, Backhoe excavation, Plastic pipe corrugation
  • Oregon has 13 SHARP employers
  • Beware of hot oil

December 1997

  • Publication spotlight/training, written programs
  • Publication spotlight/scaffolds
  • Films teach effectively
  • Safety notes: Construction, Tree service
  • New rules for butadiene and methylene chloride

Spring 1997

  • Oregon OSHA renews its efforts to reduce ergonomics injuries
  • Publication spotlight - Printing industry
  • Employer Alert - Rebar Covers
  • Work related fatality rates announced
  • Design of a powered vinyl hinge applicator

December 1996

  • Publication Spotlight - Silicosis
  • Emergency Eyewashes & Showers
  • SHARP Recipient
  • 1996 Safety Awards
  • Publication Spotlight - Portable Ladders