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Fall protection is what you do to eliminate fall hazards, prevent falls, and ensure that those who do fall do not die. We need fall protection because even if we are experienced working at heights, we can lose our balance or grip. We can slip, trip, or misstep. We can fall at any time. We may think that our reflexes will protect us, but we are falling before we know it. And we do not have to fall far to get hurt.

Fall protection in the construction industry
Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Oregon OSHA has several rules for construction activities that specify the minimum height at which workers must be protected from falling. These heights are known as “trigger heights.” Learn more…
Fall protection in general industry
Four feet above the ground or a lower level is widely understood among general industry employers as the “trigger height” that requires you to take action to protect your employees from falls. Did you know that some trigger heights in general industry differ from four feet? Learn more…​



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How far can you fall with a shock-absorbing lanyard?

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Technical Manual​, Section V: Construction Operations,
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